Dice land casino home of gamblers

Entertainment is all about profit making with serious selection of games then visit dice land casino. It offered me great selection of games to choose from which have been tested for fairness.

While playing I did worry about time as it is available all day and night. It is licensed in Costa Rica. I love the dice land theme “Alice in wonderland” which has been laid out accordingly the graphics offered a better flow of the site and software.

I believe top game software have won in the entertainment industry as gambling is concerned.diceland operates on this software too. This contains 3d electronic roulette game, baccarat game and most traditional game I love playing the roulette. Dice Land offered me a variety of payment method no cash but you can use you r visa,mastercard or even skirl account, western union made my payment via western union due to their lower transfer rates in the market.


The program was amazing as the size of bonuses is great which are spread out through the week .On registration I got a 10 deposit match bonus which makes up the bonus offer.

They were a variety of bonuses at hand I got a welcome bonus of 200% which was raised to $2000 on the first 20 deposit.

I got 50% cash back after playing on blackjack. The white roaster offers a weekday bonus of 15% when I played on the slots.

I was lucky I had invited my friend to sign up for the game thus getting a 15% referral on deposit I had made.

I had to play the game on a weekend, they was an offer by the name rabbit hole weekend wher you get t 10x 150% up to $100 free play slots on keno or baccarat.

For you to cash out your winnings you have to log in into your account and follow the steps on the menu, its user friendly. The minimum amount that am able to for wire transfer withdrawals is $100or $50 for a check with wealth .the bad thing is when I requested to withdraw less amount the withdrawal process won’t take place.

Dice land enjoys a lot of rights as it may decide to delay or stop the withdrawal process until a final approval is received. The withdrawal request is processed in fifteen to eighteen business days upon your request for payment.

The game

I played the baccarat it’s amazing but very tricky as the card forces you to move to the next step. Its either you gain or the banker gains .it had to form a value that is nearest to 9 which I had a belief it was higher than the banker .in gambling you never joke with the bet at stake.

I hate it when it only the last digit that counts to be a winner but I wanted to give it a try .the good thing I could still use my phone to play the game


The support team was available 24/7 but I was frustrated at some point when they took long to respond to my mail when the system had to freeze .I like the chat window that is connected to the helpdesk while the gambler is trying the day’s lack.

Dice land only uses English as their default language I think this is not good for those who are not native English speaker as they are locked out of this game. People from French I will advice you not to play it as you will end up benefiting the casino

The encryption of personal information through use of the ssl encryption and protection. This is much secure in performing money transfer action worldwide. My rating for this casino is 9/10 as it offers a mix a cartoon land fun and stylish professional gambling anywhere you are located try it today for better performance